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Helena Berkes - 2014-04-24
I was really really happy to see a new episode of Rocky Roads in the new comics section of It's POP. It made my day!

Ani Woods - 2012-02-03
I love your comics! :D

Eileen Dyrmo - 2011-07-11
You're the reason I read the Comics section at all. Best. Implementation. Ever. <3

Bob - 2011-01-29
Very,very good! I think you are on to something, here!

Lianne Brantley - 2010-12-02
I love you too, man :')

Marcel Kathmann - 2010-09-04
great comic! must be a real challenge to come up with topics!

Ramona Johnson - 2010-02-09
I love your work! How does so amazing inspiration comes? Fantastic, waiting for next episodes :) With the best, Ramona

Leif Hvalsøe Schou - 2010-01-07
Hey Björn, what happened to your comics? I haven't seen them for a while and I quite miss 'em.

Ally - 2009-12-09
I love you comics :D They always make me laugh or at least smile xx

MG - 2009-10-09
Your story are really funny xD!

Martin Fernandes - 2009-09-14
Great work you'r doing over there. One of the reasons I always check the magazine up. Keep it up!

Mr. Eddie Stoner - 2009-05-25
It's a pleasure to work with you. And hope to keep doing it for many more years! Keep it up , "transparent mate"!

Ian C. - 2009-05-21
Just wanted to say I love your work, keep it up!

Thelma - 2009-05-03
You're doing a great job and the few episodes where your comic isn't there is just a waste of a bought newspaper.. Rocky Roads is easily the best comic in all of popo

Chris - 2009-03-09
Yhippe! Keep up the great work, man!

Melissa da Graça (at Popmundo ;)) - 2009-01-23
Hi! :) Your website and your cartoons are amazing. I read them every week. You're very talented. :) See ya! MG

nigel c - 2008-07-25
absolutely worthy to publish each week. you are a massive pillar on which It's Pop glory is founded. Now can you do a comic about me for once ????

- - 2008-06-12
Impressive body of work you've got here. Definitely worthy of an ambassador achievement. Thanks for the laughs. :)

Jesus Maria Bustamante - 2008-05-07
you comic is the best¡¡¡¡

Kim Linkoaho - 2008-02-22
Congrats, your comics are just so great! I love them, keep on doing htem, you have a fan here :P

Pierre Moreno - 2008-02-20
great work ;)

Lexie Watson - 2008-01-24
Your comics are definetly the best comics around. They always make me laugh. Great job!

Audrey Bremner - 2008-01-15
I think your comics make all the community laugh :) Congrats, u are one of the 18 most creative people in the popoworld.. a great achievement :*

Amber Green - 2007-12-12
I love your comics!

Ida Albarella - 2007-11-08
Only interesting comic around. Keep up the good work. And say hi to Maria from me if you ever see her again.

Lara Manzo - 2007-11-08
My friend!I love your comic! I really like every episode of it! Always looking forward to the next one. Great creativity! Keep up the god smackingly glorious work! One

Alan Ashley - 2007-10-10
i just love Rocky Roads, hope you keep the good work and try something for this PoopLove thing :S

Castel Redondo - 2007-10-10
We love Rocky Roads!!

Scott Paul - 2007-10-07
Keep working! You are the best :)

Alice Le Jeune - 2007-10-04
great stuff ... keep them coming. Your comic is a highlight to my Wednesdays :)

ellika - 2007-09-04
I like, I a lot

Luis Carlos de Souza Baptista - 2007-07-08
Just found out about this site. I am a HUGE fan and intend to read all the comics avaliable!

Castel Merry del Val - 2007-07-07

Ulf - 2007-06-19
Me Loooooooove it!! :)

Amalia Corradi - 2007-04-06
Hehee, I laughed so much when I read these. :D Thank you for Popomundo's best comic!

Nico - 2007-03-27
Very good

Marten Bouwens - 2006-12-13
The best comic in the game :)

Maria - 2006-12-11
You're the greatest ;)

Johny John Von Ska - 2006-11-03
very good :)

Todd - 2006-10-27
You are very good :)

Fernando Sanchez - 2006-09-17
Fantastic!!! :D

brit - 2006-08-09
Cheers, from your worst and best critic :)